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Reza Roshani Tabrizi

Fund Manager

Equity Investor, and Data Scientist. PhD in EE/CS from University of Texas at Dallas.

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Wentao Zhang


Technolog Professional. MBA from NYU Stern and Master of CS from Columbia University

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Amer Khalil

Healthcre/Biotech Domain Expert

Neurosurgon from Cleveland Clinic and Fellowship in MIT and Boston

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Marketing Advisor

CMO to be

Our Story

Where are we coming from
Thanks for visiting our website ... The two co-founders of ScionAI are Reza and Dean. We both worked in Bloomberg L.P. in New York city. The story started from one question, how can we use data to predict stock prices and have confidence in our predictions. Short answer was, if we can predict the the quarterly earnings of companies then we may have a shot at it.

The Lesson for Other Enterprenures
After multiple iterations of algorithm development , finally in 2018 we became profitable. We beat the market by 21% margin in Q4 2018.

New Member
We welcomed Dr. Amer Khalil the angle investor and accomplished neurosurgeon to our team. He was a VC in biotech. And curently helping us to develop data driven algorithms to invest in High Risk/High Reward biotech equities.


What is Working?


Investment Thesis
After a few years of experimentation and trading in the market, the ScionAI's properitery algorithm is developed to trade equities. The essnetial building blocks of the Algorithm are followings:

  • High Growth stocks perform better in long term
  • Buy secturities at low valuations
  • Buy Securities on momentum
  • Stock prices are asymmetric
  • Be aggressive in profit taking
  • Diversification is a must

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