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Self Service Platform to Construct Antifragile Portfolios of Stocks and Grow the Capital.

Market Intelligence Artificial Intelligence that ranks stocks on fundamentals, news and momentum

Know Your Investment Unmatched education in stock screening, risk management and psychological tolerance

Tele-Advising One on one advising, or virtual advising and market/sector analysis, and ...

""ScionAI had 38% above S&P 500 performance with only 55% cash utilization"


Single Source of Truth

Remember, last time you bought a stock and sold it with 20% loss and then stock rallied for 50%. Why did you sell?
Write down your answers before reading further ...
When it comes to stock investing information plays a significant role. However, there are many information sources, they are scattered and you may not know which piece of information to trust or filter.

We need a single source of the truth, a dashboard that is powered by algorithms that assist you in picking stocks and alerting when to buy or sell?   ScionAI's Artificial Intelligence technolgy is the answer The algorithmic AI platform has following components:
  • Market, Sector, Industry Snapshot
  • Financial Quality with a Single Score
  • News Analytics and Search
  • Stock Screening

Money Management

Why are we taking risk with our hard earned money?
You can not be a surgeon or firefighter without a great deal of education, and on the job training . Money Mangement falls into the same category.

Yes, you can be lucky but in the long run odds are not in your favor.

Do you know stock prices are asymmetric?
A stock that lost 50% of its value should appreciate 100% to just break even. Well, in terms of probabilities, that is much less likely to happen.

Which one is more important Money Management or Stock Picking? I know a smart friend that had 150% gain right before Covid-19 induced volatility. He experienced 200% loss from the peak compared to original principal.

Our clients will recieve great deal of educational material on Stock Screening, Money Management, Diversification, and Risk Management.


Constant Support

Our clients will also have full support of ScionAI in their investments through publishing blog posts and podcasts periodically. You can receive tele-advising services through email, or booking one on one advising sessions or recieve support on twitter and facebook. We also provide clients with our stock market analysis, sector/stock analysis periodically. Our advising services aside from periodicals and online blogs posts are strictly limited to State of California at this time.

We can manage your capital
We can also manage our clients capital assets in the State of California if this service also fits to your desire. However, we only accept the investmetns of $100K sizes with follow on investments of $50K. Please reach out to understand our services and recieve our investment brochure and contract.

Setting Expectations

Expected rate of return on investments
On the portfolios that we manage we usually perform 6-10% above market annually on the normal circumstances. Historically, We managed to find companies that from 2017 till now had 3-5x returns such as SEDG, ALGN, NFLX, OLED, AYX and OKTA.

What makes ScionAI different from other services?
Our founders worked in Bloomberg which is the pioneer in market data. We are always looking to increase our own returns and thus proactively explore new ways and methods to boost the returns. So, your services are always cutting edge of the street.

Appreciating Service
Once the new capabilities are tested and proved working, they will become available to our current subscribers.